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Biopurify TCM compounds library offers over 4600 compounds,manyof which are unique to us.

*There are 3 sub-libraries to meet different budgets and demands.

Selection is available across the library, and among compound types (e.g. Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Terpenoids, etc.)

* All compounds passedthe HPLC, MS and NMR tests. Most of our products are provided with at least 98% purity.

High purity minimize the occurrence of false positives.

* All compounds can be provided in individual packages from 2mg to 10mg.

* All compounds can be provided with the SDF file for computer screening.

* Large scale production is also availableon demand.

For many compounds, we already have a few grams or more in stock and ready for sale.

Please contact us with the specific compounds needed.

Please download the compound list of the libraries:

TCM compound library-20170801.pdf

TCM rare compound library-EN01.pdf

TCM rare compound library-EN02.pdf