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Synonym name: Ponticin; Rhaponticin
Catalogue No.: BP1207
Cas No.: 155-58-8
Formula: C21H24O9
Mol Weight: 420.414
Botanical Source: Rheum Hotaoense; Rheum rhaponticum; Rheum emodi
Purity: 95%~99%
Analysis Method: HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD
Identification Method: Mass, NMR
Packing: Brown vial or HDPE plastic bottle
Can be supplied from milligrams to grams, up to kgs.

Inquire for bulk scale.

Rhapontin has beneficial effects on diabetic mice, and in vitro results suggest it may be relevant to Alzheimer's disease with an action on beta amyloid.

Properties: Crystals, dec 236-237°. [a]D32 -59.5° (acetone). Exhibits bright blue fluorescence. Sol in dil alcohol, hot acetone, hot water; slightly sol in ether, alc, acetone, cold water; practically insol in benzene, petr ether, chloroform.
Optical Rotation: [a]D32 -59.5° (acetone)




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