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Biopurify TCM compounds library offers over 4600 compounds,manyof whichare uniqueto us.

*There are 3 sub-libraries to meetdifferent budgetsand demands.

Selection is available across the library, and among compound types (e.g. Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Terpenoids, etc.)

* All compounds passedthe HPLC, MS and NMR tests. Most of our products are provided with at least 98%purity.

High purity minimize the occurrence of false positives.

* All compounds can be provided in individual packages from 2mgto 10mg.

* All compoundscanbe provided with the SDF filefor computer screening.

* Large scale production is also availableon demand.

For manycompounds, we already havea few grams or more in stockand ready for sale.

Please contact us with the specific compounds needed.

Please download the compound list of the libraries:

TCM compound library-20170801.pdf

TCM rare compound library-EN01.pdf

TCM rare compound library-EN02.pdf