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Chengdu Biopurify Phytochemicals Ltd. is a leading company in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of High Quality Phytochemicals and Extracts(especially Active Ingredients from TCM), Natural Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients worldwide. From small quantities for R&D or reference standard, to large quantities for customizing or manufacturing, Biopurify emphasizes the service side for consistency and reliability. ​


Our main services:
A. Supply high quality extracts, phytochemicals and reference standards of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)
B. Custom extraction and purification, target TCM Active Ingredients(TCM extract monomers)
C. Custom synthesis and semi-synthesis for Active Ingredients
D. CR (contract research), CM (contract manufacture) and PD (process development) services from lab scale, pilot scale to commercial scale(GMP is also available)
E. TCM compounds library for drug screen,more than 3000 compounds are available, many of them are rare and exclusive.

We have Preparation HPLC, membrane isolation etc. equipments for isolation and purification, and suitable equipments for the detection of TCM ingredients, such as Waters HPLC DAD-ELSD, CAD(Corona Charged Aerosol Detection), LC-MS.

Taking advantage of Chengdu's various natural resources and powerful scientific research centers in Southwest of China, Biopurify are confident in offering our customer with comprehensive valuable services.

With excellent quality products and good service, Biopurify has clients from more than forty countries and regions. Biopurify is the stable supplier of Sigma, Chromadex,  Coca-Cola and other large international companies. Biopurify has established good cooperation with USP and EDQM in the study of herbal quality standard and supply of standards.

In China, Biopurify has comprehensive cooperation with Chinese Pharmaceutical University, including postgraduate research cooperation. We are also working with Chengdu University of TCM and provide internship opportunities for their students. We have joined research in TCM standard of CP and new drug with Sichuan Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences.

We are doing our best to be your reliable partner for high quality Phytochemicals and Reference Standards from china.

We are committed to keeping all of our products in stock for immediate delivery, to providing ------ Good services, high quality products and competitive prices. 

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