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Custom Projects -

Our team is capable to meet and exceed your project goals. We have expertise and capability in isolation and purification of phytochemicals,identification of compounds,confirmation of phytochemical botanical source,competitor product benchmarking.Contact us to learn how else our team can help your needs.


Quality Phytochemicals -

We Supply high quality extracts, phytochemicals and we have accumulated a large inventory of specialty quality phytochemicals(Herb Active Ingredients), for R&D and reference standards.Our products are available for immediate shipping and can be manufactured in bulk scale. All our products have strict quality control and assurance and can provide the data of HPLC, MS and NMR ect.


Working standards

We offer the active ingredients reference substance(working standards) of the herbal medicine in line with the requirements of  China Pharmacopoeia (CP), the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and European Pharmacopoeia (EP), can provide the calibration and identification data according to customers' request.


Compound Library -

We offer phytochemical Compound Library --- an extensive collection of phytochemicals from Chinese herb and plant for new drug screening, More than 1000 natural compounds are available in powder form from 2mg~50mg in this library, many of them are our unique products. We can provide the SD file for Compound Library request.


Purification Method Development -

We develop repeatable and robust methods for purification of compounds that are hard to be purified.


Purification Services -

We have a strong expertise in providing custom high purity phytochemicals, especially custom Herb Active Ingredients. Our team and equipment are ready for quick turnaround of your project. All compounds are provided with detailed documentation and purification information. 


Customer promise

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a total satisfaction experience. We have focused on simplifying the purchasing process, lowering our costs, and improving our turnaround time. Our technical staff will take the time to understand your needs to provide you with the right product and service. We believe that through superior service we will build a successful business relationship.

With excellent quality products and good service, we have clients from more than a dozen countries and regions, including some famous large companies, some well-known European and American universities and research institutions, such as Sigma, Chromadex, USP, EDQM, Nestle R&D center etc. Use the key word "biopurify" search by Google Scholar, it will shows many literatures that used our products for R&D.


We are doing our best to be your reliable partner for high quality Phytochemicals and Reference Substances from china.


Please get the Catalogue and Company Profile for your information:

Biopurify Catalogue2014.pdf


Biopurify Catalog201412.xlsx

Company Profile brochure.pdf

Company Profile PPT.pdf 

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