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Synonym name: Euxanthogen; Chinomine; Alpizarin; Hedysaride; Mannipherin; Chedisaride; Shamimin
Catalogue No.: BP0922
Cas No.: 4773-96-0
Formula: C19H18O11
Mol Weight: 422.342
Botanical Source: Mangifera indica (mango) leaves, heartwood and stem bark and Iris spp., also from Salacia prinoides, Aphloia madagascariensis, Athyrium mesosorum, Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Belamcanda chinensis, Bombax spp., Hedysarum ussuriense and other pl

Purity: 95%~99%
Analysis Method: HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD
Identification Method: Mass, NMR
Packing: Brown vial or HDPE plastic bottle
Can be supplied from milligrams to grams.

Inquire for bulk scale.

Typical COA:

? ? ? ? ? ? ?Mangiferin-COA.pdf



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